What we Offer to our Customers

Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT solution

IOT Device

Connect and Manage your Internet of Things products within minutes. We will prepare the design model, so that client could have better understanding of the structure, and data flow.


A Multi vendor shopping platform providing a hassle free shopping experience for its customers and providing a premium service is in addition to the buyer's secured privacy protection and quality check on each products to give Customers a seamless shopping experience.

Mobile Web & Desktop Applications

Mobile and web application developer for all platforms with Eye catching and user friendly UI backed with solid data driven techniques.Streamline your graphic design work-flow, to provide you the best outcome possible with our interactive designs.

MR International

MR International is the Internet of Things (IoT) software engineering company that is paving the way for the future by transforming industries and enterprises across the globe and revolutionizing IoT capabilities. We focus on delivering results to your business, and are completely invested in every customer success, furthering our goal to help create a secure and seamlessly connected world.

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Get in touch if you are interested in our corporate IoT research stream with access to all reports and lists.

Great Support

Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology. Start building your IoT products with the right platform!

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We keep the applications under scrutiny, and keep monitoring and evaluating them, in order to make advancements and improvements as needed.

Smarty Home

We will check the reliability, validity, sensitivity and measure all of the steps, or more importantly quantify the functionality of your product.

E-Commerce Solution

Providing a budget friendly option for the customer with door-to-door service so that you need not hop from store to store looking for what you need.

IOT Devices